Friday, May 19, 2006


“Disney World” Rwanda Style

On Wednesday afternoon the majority of the team, Anne, Selma, Loretta, Julia, Manny, Marla, Richard and Susan, visited Sylvie Mukamusoni in the center of town, where she runs 3 businesses – a retail gift shop, a salon, and a video store with video rentals and digital video processing. We then traveled twenty miles east of Kigali, where in partnership with 7 other women, Sylvie is building an amusement park on 120 acres (49 hectares). Sylvie and her partners have recently completed the first of a three-phase project to provide Rwandans and tourists, young and old, a destination for recreation, relaxation and education. So far the amusement park includes a theater, swimming pool, restaurant and rides for children. Future plans include a hotel, zoo, souvenir shop and amphitheater. Once Sylvie gets the results of an environmental assessment – a new requirement by the Rwanda government – she can open to the public. Although it was a quiet, peaceful experience walking through the lavish, landscaped gardens, one could easily imagine the laughter of children having the time of their life. Sylvie wants Bpeace to help her to manage the amusement park to ensure its success.
Things are looking up when you can appreciate the importance of an amusement park and the joy in having a day of simple fun. I think this is truly wonderful. Love to all, Golde.
Now this will be a challenge. Finding a mentor who manages an amusement park. But hey, we're Bpeace, we can connect with anyone--two degrees of separation.

You know that peace is here when people can enjoy an amusement park. It's exciting that it is owned and operated by a woman. I'm sure it will be special for the families who come. And I know we will find the perfect mentor!

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