Friday, May 19, 2006


It's a Small World After All...

The team met for a Chinese dinner with Joy and Janet, the sisters who have been working to supply Macy’s with baskets, sell those woven earrings that are in high demand, and own a furniture store and crafts gallery. They are highly successful women who been able to launch businesses, grow them and employ many women. Also present was Victoria Trabosh , president of Itafari Foundation, a non profit fundraising organization for Rwanda. There were many highlights to the evening, especially the realization that Victoria met our Jita Miller when they both spoke on a panel at the UN which Immaculee Ilibagiza took part in. Victoria told us that Jita’s story has impacted her life. I let her know that Jita had mentioned how her story affected her as well.
I'm glad you guys took time out for a meal and another photo op. Love, Golde.
Find out the scoop on the baskets. How many did they sell? How much did they make? Would they do it again. You know I need to know the inside scoop!

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