Friday, May 19, 2006


Angelina Muganza, Minister of Public Service and Labor

Anne, Manny and Loretta met with Angelina Muganza to update her on the progress Bpeace has made since our last mission and to hear about the Five Year Action Plan for the Promotion of Women Employment. It turns out Angelina knows Manny from High school. Loretta, discussed issues of women and violence in relations to her work as a judge.
Manny, you are the Rwandan equivalent of Zelig - I don't think there is anyone you don't know and/or are related to. I think it's great that Loretta was able to speak to these issues. Love, Golde.
Oh that Manny. Maybe he needs to be nomiated for the VERA for Networker of the Year! Keep up that great connecting.

Dear dad,
we all miss you to.As you can see I am getting better at typing.You are doing good at work!LOVE YOU LOTS!!!!!!KEZA!!!
We are soooo proud of your work! We are sooo happy to see the pictures and hear about the wonderful impact that you are having with the team. It was very touching to hear about the sessions on what peace looks like and so wonderful to see the face of the associate who was sharing what peace means to her.
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