Monday, May 15, 2006


Harvesting Peace in Rwanda

Left: Jean Murekatete and Marla

Left: Sabra and Speciose Right: Anne, Alphonsine, Gakuba, Richard, Sabra- Bottom: Speciose & Loretta

Left : Prime Minister of Public Works and Manny Right: Dinner at the Mille Colline with RWN
Sabra, Anne, Loretta, Julia and Richard began Day 1 with a trip to Speciose Ufitinema’s party supply store, which specializes in floral arrangements and tent rentals. In an instant the small shop was filled, as we greeted Speciose, her partner Alphonsine Muteteri and their accountant Gakuba Amuza. We joined in a circle of chairs and began to discuss their business and Bpeace.

With Richard translating, we learned about parties in Rwanda and what it takes to throw them, while discussing ideas for the future. We were touched when Speciose shared with us one of the loveliest local wedding customs. It involves the Rwandan baskets. They are used as gifts for newlyweds, whose friends fill it with beans and give it to the couple who plants and later harvest the seeds (Speciose’s business of course has these baskets in ready supply). We could not help but sense the symbolism translates for marriage and for Rwanda. We wrapped up the visit with a discussion of how the business will further peace in Rwanda.

Speciose and Alphonsine believe that there is hardly time for "thinking to do bad and" and people "won't join conflict" when you have opportunity for business and education. The partners would like to use their business to teach skills to younger girls who will be able to set up shops elsewhere and teach their trade to "tomorrow's mothers." Not only will the shop provide jobs for many people (think of how many people are involved in planning a great party!) but the very concept of a party planning business will also officially proclaim that Rwanda is a place of celebration.

Meanwhile, Marla, Cari and Manny met with Georges Mupenzi, Coordinator of Centre IAWCU (Center of Research and Training Cooperatives) to finalize preparations and agenda for the 4-day cooperative training with representatives of the 16 associations from all over the country who are participating in the Rwanda Knits project. This training will be the ingredient which allows the knitting machines to turn into true business opportunities for the participating co-operatives (some of which have several hundred members). Bpeace and Rwanda Knits are anxious to meet the representatives and get the training started!

Marla, Sabra, Loretta, Julia and Richard's next stop: Jean's beauty salon where she has visions of a beauty salon school for 20 female, adolescent orphans. This entreprenuer is also developing a concept of healthy snacks for schools and has cultivated land for the nutritious ingredients. What most impressed us was how eloquently Jean expressed her understanding of the peace component of her work. She stated that she has employed 30 people to prepare the soil of her land for planting. She gave 30 people jobs but also in choosing those individuals, she made sure to hire women of different ethnic groups. She paid them well and they bought food for their families. They were focusing on their economic success rather than on their differences. As a business leader, she wants to be an advocate for women and pass on the seeds of peace. Sound like a Bpeace associate to you?

Anne and Manny met with the Exective Secretary of Pro Femmes, the umbrella organization for 83 peace building and development associations helping Rwandan women since 1993. Their initiative is is to help women have a strong voice in government. Their motto is "Women Can Do It!" They are looking to mentor leaders. It appears we have common goals for the women of Rwanda in terms of building sustainable businesses and cultivating women to have a stronger voice. We will be further discussing partnering opportunities on this trip.

Anne and Manny also visited with Therese Bibono, the director of AFER, one of the associations where we identified some of the entrepreneur members for training and mentoring. We discussed AFER's current initiatives, which include forming a Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs and a Chamber of Young Women Entrepreneurs and new programs for ICT and eCommerce. Needless to say there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to discuss all the initiatives and possibilities for partnership. So, we will be meeting with Therese again.

We ended the evening with dinner with Mary, Peter and Penina of the Rwanda Women's Network at Hotel Mille Colline.

So much information to process and this is just Day 1!

What a wonderful way to kick off your on-site visits - visions of weddings, parties, beauty salons and planting beans for prosperous lives and peace! Can't wait to see some pictures. Love to all, Golde.
Sounds like you are busy. More pictures would be great. Steve in London
Sounds like you're keeping a New York City schedule in Rwanda. I love it. Very proud of what you are all accomplishing so fast. But we need photos so we can see your happy faces and those of our new associates.
We have many wonderful pictures but unfortunately are having technical difficulty--please check back soon
The wedding baskets filled with beans are a beautiful custom. Perhaps such a basket filled with flower seeds (from Rwanda) would make a a great signature product... allowing those who receive them to be reminded of the new growth in Rwanda as the flowers grow anew each year. Hmmm... (OK, I am obsessed with flowers, it seems.) Jean's agricultural and nutritional initiatives -- as well as Speciose and Alphonsine's endeavors -- sound inspiring and are great examples and signs of practical, cooperative and spirited thinking as Rwanda rebuilds. I had better get back to work on developing links with cooperative and fair trade businesses here and mentors (note to self) to help develop pathways through which to amplify the spirit of this incredibly heartful enterprise. Go, Speciose, Alphonsine and Jean! Go, team! By the way, I'll be expecting detailed notes on ALL 83 associations currently working with Pro English and French, please... And one question: How is that Manny seems to be everywhere at once? Thanks and praises to all for an auspicious beginning of this mission. Lee
Gosh, you're busy! I love the whirlwind activities and the people you're meeting with similar visions. I'm so proud of all of you. Enjoy every moment, you whirling dervishes.

Ellen Lubin-Sherman

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