Friday, May 19, 2006


Languida’s Funeral Business

Sabra, Marla and Richard visited Languida Karuranga at her funeral business. Languida has various advantages over her competitors as she owns 2 hearses and offers one stop shopping for her customers that includes flowers, candles, coffin, sheets, and transportation. The business is located across the street from the central hospital and around the corner from a mortuary.
Languida is excited about having a mentor who can help her with creative marketing. She needs more customers, but it is taboo in Rwanda to market funeral services. We left her with some sage advice from Sabra. In addition, Languida wants help to expand her business to include a high quality line in addition to the medium and low range lines she currently provides. Languida is a leader in her community; she is president of a neighborhood women’s association. Her thoughts on how business links to peace….”to have business, one must have life; to have life one must have peace”.
Languida's words should become a mantra - I'm very touched by her take on peace. Love, Golde.
Sounds like Languida needs a little WORM (word of relevant mouth) to grow her business. A good mentor can easily help with that.
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