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On May 11, 2006, the Rwandan team begins its journey. The Bpeace team includes return visitors Anne Killett (Rwanda's Team Chair), Marla Gitterman (Bpeace Program Director) and Cari Clement of Rwanda Knits as well as Manny Ruranga who will be visiting his many family members. First time visitors include Sabra Richardson, Selma Jackson, Loretta Davis and her daughter Julia. We have a lot to accomplish if we are to surpass the achievements of the first mission!

* In August 2005, the first team to Rwanda interviewed 57 businesswomen and learned essential facts about their businesses.
* Bpeace hired its first on the ground program manager, Richard Niwenshuti, who by the way has become an invaluable asset to the program.
* Cari Clement provided a knitting training program to several cooperatives that had previously received knitting machines, enabling them to make their beautiful products and finalized selection of the 16 cooperatives to receive knitting machines in Spring 2006.

Our big objective this mission is to finalize selection of the Bpeace Fast Runners. Richard has been conducting on site visits of the businesses of the potential candidates. Richard's reports and profiles as well as the observations and assessments of the women by the August team, clearly point to 18 potential associates who meet the fast runner criteria. (The assessments use Bpeace criteria to analyze the information we have collected about the women and their businesses. For more details of the intense questions asked and the selection process, consult the Rwanda Mission Report.)

Now that we know who our potential fast runners are, the goals of the mission are to:

1. Learn more about the businesses, their assets, vision and needs through first hand viewing of the businesses and further discussions with the women;
2. Provide comprehensive business training to all 57 interviewees and more tailored training workshops to the fast runners (all training facilitated by live presentation, distribution of workbooks and videos);
3. Conduct a 4 day training program for 16 associations in Rwanda Knits Project and help establish sustainable profit cooperatives (with Unifem and Cooperative Research & Information Center); and
4. Research financial partners and network with existing stakeholders (ministers, banks, organizations)(attending 3rd Annual International Investment Conference of Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency, hereafter "Reipa").

As a result of meetings, weekly phone conferences, and Richard's ongoing work, the project is moving fast and furious. We are eager to begin the training and accomplish our goals. Stay tuned for our reports from the field.
Safe travels and an enriching and rewarding trip to all of you!! I can't wait to read the blog each day and hear about your exciting endeavors.

With love,
Susan McP
Hi Every one,

It has been very exciting flight to London and quite smooth one too. I am here at the Airport Lounge with Anne,Marla,Sabra,and Cari just resting and sending e-mail. I already feel a sense of excitement and great anticipation for meaningful and challenging task ahead of us. The thought of knowing the positive impact of this effort makes me energized.
well I better stop before I get philosophical.
Take care for now and I will blog very soon

Manny on the Rwanda mission
Good luck to all. Steve in New York
Hi Every one,

Yesterday was an exciting day meeting with some women associates, and some women in community organization in Kigali.Rwandan women are poised for great business venture.Anne and I talked to one of the women in .Association who has an excellent Idea of starting E-commerce venture. So for people like Debra Ruranga,are going to be excited because of this program .she is writing the foundation for this venture.Today Selma arrived in Kigali,and Sabra,Richard my nephew,and I went to the Airport to pick her up. Selma was in good spirit, and excited to be in Rwanda.The next two days are going to be very busy so I better log off and get prepared

Talk to you later

Hi All,

God speed with your mission.

Selma, sorry I missed the event. had a scheduling conflict. Sabra, miss ya. Give me a ring whne you are back home.

Love you both.

Hi Every one,

It is hard to believe that we have been here for almost five days, and be able to do the things that the team has been able to do.
Yesterday,Anne, Selma, Sabra and I were interviewed by the English Leading News paper in Kigali.The New times came to Hotel and interviwed us for almost one hour and half.One of the Journalist is my sister in law, and she is very excited about Bpeace efforts in Rwanda and wants the whole country to know about it.
Rwanda is very progressive in all sectors of industry and infrastructure and it is very safe and people are very friendly. I am glad to be on time and contribute as much as I can.
Tomorrow is the training day and I have to get ready, so bye for now and I will blog later.

Peace out

It all sounds wonderful,very useful,and quite hard work.Congratulations to you all and a big hug to Loretta and Julia
Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe that thursday is here and tomorrow is our last day in Kigali, and yet I feel that I need to do more work, and see associates. I however feel that we accomplished alot. thanks for all your support and kind words.
take care for now and I will blog later.

Could someone please tell me how to contact the Center for Cooperative Research and Information?
Thank you.
Could someone please tell me how to contact the Center for Cooperative Research and Information?
Could someone please tell me how to contact the Center for Cooperative Research and Information?
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