Sunday, May 21, 2006


Saturday, May 20 Mapping Our Way Through Training

Selma (in orange) consulting on ways to promote working together.

Cari facilitating Marketing Map training.

Day two of training and we’re back for another full day. Participants included the new associates and many business women – most of whom we had interviewed last year. The morning began with “How to Create a Marketing Map” which was facilitated by Anne and Cari, with the help of Selma and Sabra. The discussion was lively and the women asked lots of questions. For many, it was the first time they viewed their business from a marketing perspective. In the afternoon, Loretta and Marla facilitated an abbreviated version of the “Success Map.” Most of the women have clear visions for where they want their business to be in the future. Now it’s our role to help them get there. We distributed workbooks and DVDs on the training topics; the Kinyarwanda translation was appreciated by all.

While they all belong to associations the idea of networking and pooling resources and cross marketing were new to them and they loved it and came up with little networks while we were there. Some of the women owners of beauty salons decided they would buy supplies together and get a volume discount. These women are quick and capable and resourceful and ready to implement learnings.

At the closing, one of the woman came to the stage and requested to say something to all of us. She said that when we came last August, we gave good advice when we interviewed them, and that they were all so thankful we came back to Rwanda and gave training.
The promises that were made during last mission became promises kept during this mission. We are now truly people who keeep their word - this a wonderful thing. Thank you Bpeace for being an honorable organization. Thank you Team for putting smiles on these faces. Love to all, Golde.
It's so exciting to see you doing training in Rwanda. The women there look so lively and engaged. And they seem to be very creative in their businesses. What a joy to be partnering with them!
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