Friday, May 19, 2006


Visit to Beauty/Retail Shop owner Charlotte

Anne, Selma, Richard and Julia visited Charlotte Uwanyiringira, who owns Amaryllis, a beauty salon and a clothing boutique. The beauty salon makes up for its lack of size with an excess of energy and color. Even though it is only 10:00 a.m., the salon is already full and all of the customers are eager to pose for beauty shots, even those who are missing half a head of braids. We head over to the boutique, and were so impressed by the merchandise, that a few members purchased shoes and clothes. Charlotte knows she needs help organizing the store as there is much potential in the beauty salon/boutique duo. After consulting with Charlotte and making suggesting for merchandizing, advertising, and even feng-shui, we leave Charlotte feeling satisfied with not only our purchases, but also with the promising future of Charlotte’s business.
It's amazing what can be accomplished with a little bit of know-how. I think HGTV would have a great audience in Rwanda. Great photo. Love, Golde.
I love how women all over the world find a way to celebrate their beauty and femininity. What a great idea to have a beauty salon and boutique together. Once you get your hair done, you feel so good you want a new outfit. Very cool!
I'm loving all the stories of the women and thei amazing creativity in so many different businesses. Thanks for keeping us posted!
you all are doing a great job! i miss you and wish i could be there. best wishes and we'll catch up when you get back. please send everyone my regards. much love...
Go Julia! What a gift it is to bring your youth and energy to help shape the future. You are a leader, born and made! (a fan from NJ)
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