Monday, May 15, 2006


Warm Welcome in Kigali

We were greeted at the Kigali Airport by Bpeace friends and family, including Manny's family, with gifts of orange roses, lots of hugs and three kisses on the cheek. It's an amazing feeling to be met by so many people at the airport--individuals who have taken the time to welcome us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Names were exchanged for the newcomers, cameras were pulled out, and the Rwanda mission was off to a heartwarming start. The countryside is a lush green as the rainy season has just about ended. On our way to the hotel, we passed a peace marathon which was incredible to see in these rolling hills. After reviewing the agenda with Richard and Geofrey at the Intercontinental, we prepared for tomorrow's visits to some of the associates' places of business.
AMAHORO! ITORO RYIZA! (Peace and Goodnight)
The first image says it all - a warm embrace, a coming back to a home, a family and friends! I hope you all a good night's sleep - I have a feeling this new day will bring all kinds of challenges and rewards. Please let everyone know that we are with you and the people of Rwanda. Love to all, Golde.
Hi Team:

Glad to see that everyone is safe on the ground and in good spirits! After spending a weekend in torrential rain in Vermont, it is nice to see that it is sunny somewhere in the world!!

Such a warm and wonderful greeting - I am sure that was a real pick me up after your long trip. My thoughts are with all of you - have a fruitful, meaningful mission.
Orange roses! What a welcome, making me wish all the more that I were there with you all and wondering if these roses aren't a sign that flowers should be among our signature elements for the Rwanda initiatives... Anyway, it looks as if everything is off to a warm and wonderful start. Looking forward to following -- and supporting -- your progress. Lee
Regards from Jita. She is so happy you all arrived safely and are undertaking this mission for the entire team. She is with you in spirit and you are in her thoughts. She apologizes for not being tchnologically plugged in - but I described your glowing faces to her. Love again, Golde.
Great pictures! Steve
Hi mission team--you all look great.
Greetings from Brazil. It looks like you had a very warm welcome. All the best for all of you. Roberto
Hello there Rwandan Team: I am sitting and thinking about you and your wonderful efforts! What joy you bring with your bustling energy and purposeful intensity! May your entire trip be filled with adventures and fulfillment.
Ellen Lubin-Sherman
Hey There,
I Am Shira Keza and Emma's niece.
Yeah,Its soo nice to have the Group here in Rwanda.

Thanks for coming over we Love you all .
Hi Every one,

It is sunday morning and I am sitting at Intercontinental Hotel Lounge drinking cold fanta and hanging out with my niece, and Cari is busy sending e-mail and pretending to be busy.Anyway I am taking it easy after a tough day of training yesterday. My niece has been very helpful and resourceful particularly for me, just to find things and places.
Today my parents are celebrating their 65th Universary of their weeding, It is amazing to see how much they still love each other and committed to each other. They are just an Inspirational to me and probably to others.
I am looking forward to share with you all the experiences I gained from this Mission. Tomorrow is another exciting week and trying to wrap things.

Take care for now

Hobee from Rwanda

I just want to emphasize the good work on this blog, has excellent views and a clear vision of what you are looking for.
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