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Monday, May 22

Opening Co op Training Session at INIFEM facitility atGitarama

Inozi Dancers at the REIPA Conference

Association Co-Op Training
Cari, Anne, Loretta, Geoffrey and Jane, the trainer, opened the first day of training for representatives of the associations that received knitting machines. This training is a joint effort of Bpeace, UNIFEM, Rwanda American Partners, IWACU (coop training org.) and the Rwanda Knits Projects (, which was founded by Cari.

REIPA Conference
President Paul Kagame opened the REIPA conference, addressing over 750 delegates, representing over 30 nations outside of Africa, including our own Sabra, Selma and Manny.
The REIPA Conference’s theme is Investment in Rwanda, focusing on horticulture, energy, tourism, agriculture, and finance. Today’s highlight was the welcome address from President Kagame and the keynote speaker, Ambassador Andrew Young. Leaders from various industries outlined the topics to be covered, including development plans for an airport, hotels and tour packages.
The REIPA Conference is an important connection for Bpeace, affording the opportunity to facilitate connections for our new Rwandan associates, in order to fund and improve their businesses.

Unity Club
Anne met with Senator Odette and Angelina Muganza at The Unity Club. The club is comprised of women who are currently or have been government ministers and wives of government ministers. There mission is to cultivate women to take leadership roles and affect peace. They are very interested in partnering with the Rwanda Team as we share the same goals.

Hi Everyone,

I am to see the blog complete with good pictures and commentry,however just noticed mispelling of Rwandan dancers, the correct spelling is "Intore" the other word ants(Inozi). well I look forward see you at the meeting

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